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Soft, smooth Skin

Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub

Scrubs are a super luxurious addition to the bath routine.

I have always been a fan.

Since I started making my own body scrubs, I find that the deep nourishment of Cacao and Shea Butter combined with raw sugar or one of those really exotic salts like Dead Sea Salt or Himalayan Pink Salt add fabulous skin strengthening properties to the scrub.

The perfect bath ritual would be to indulge in dry skin brushing for a few minutes. Jump into the shower. A handmade soap with goat milk and oats fortified with Shea Butter and Extra Virgin Olive Oil will leave skin feeling clean and healthy.

Goat Milk Soap

The skin is then ready for the body scrub to leave it smooth and hydrated. Take a generous spoonful and massage all over body. Lightly shower and towel dry.

A pure cotton handwoven bath towel or one of these super sexy bath robes would be perfect for this hot weather!!

Cotton Bath Robe

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