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Precious Gifts

Facial at Home

There is nothing more precious than the gift of time and shared laughs with the ones you love...

Here is a little pampering ritual that can feel indulgent and something you can share with friends and family!

Dry Skin Brushing

You have probably heard about dry skin brushing and the benefits of naturally exfoliating our skin. Use a natural Jute Brush to gently massage your décolletage, neck and face in circular motions. This boosts circulation, giving our skin a healthy glow and clears it to absorb nutrients. Ideally, you can find time to brush your skin before your morning shower.

Witch Hazel

On clean skin, spritz some Witch Hazel. Witch Hazel is a wonderful natural astringent that will soothe and tone skin. It has powerful antioxidants that boost the health of our skin.

Then, enjoy the aroma of pure essential oils from the facial oil – I have named it “Skin Drink”!! It is a potent botanical blend that helps firm skin, promoting hydration, elasticity and skin regeneration.

Perhaps sing a song or play your favourite music as you create a little sanctuary for yourself. You may just be surprised at how restorative a little bit of me time can be!!!

Moisture Pack

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