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A Shave Brush does the job of whipping shave soap into a thick, cushioning lather that will make your shave a whole lot less scratchy, and a whole lot more glidy. They also help to coax the hairs away from the skin, preparing them for being trimmed by the razor and lessening the need for pre-shave prep work.


A good brush is one that holds the right amount of water to create a nice lather and that provides enough stiffness to raise stubble before shaving.



The Vulfix travel shaving brush uses pure bristle hairs that gently exfoliate the skin prior to shaving. It has excellent water retention properties and provides many years of use. The brush is protected conveniently while traveling in it's plastic case.





Vulfix Travel Shave Brush

  • Model: 660

    Type: Pure Badger

    Length: 95mm

    Handle Material: Resin

    Knot Diameter: 19mm

    Handle Diameter:

    Handle Length: 50mm


    Model: 374
    Type: Super Badger
    Length: 92mm
    Handle Material: Resin
    Knot Diameter: 19mm
    Handle Diameter: 
    Handle Length: 45mm


    Model: 2189

    Type: Pure Badger

    Length: 86mm

    Handle Material: Resin

    Knot Diameter: 21mm

    Handle Length: 39mm

    Made in: UK



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