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Made with 60% Australian Pure Olive Oil & 40% Laurel Berry Oil. 


This shampoo bar leaves your hair feeling like silk. Massage a hair serum/ jojoba on your hair & scalp and follow with shampoo. 


This is beautiful as a facial/ body soap too. 


Laurel Berry is incredibly nourishing and skin softening. It helps keep skin, hair and scalp healthy. 

Laurel Berry Oil contains strong antibacterial properties that can help with problem skin. 


The Laurel Berry oil has been made for centuries in a city called Antakya, in southern Turkey. The Aleppian soapmakers used to purchase the oil from here. Villagers start picking berries and leaves in October and they make the oil themselves by boiling the berries for at least 8 hours than they let it rest for another 8 hours so the berries could yield its oil. 





Pure Olive Oil & Laurel Berry Soap and Shampoo

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Laurel Berry Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide

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