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Bursting with natural goodness these shampoo bars are made with nourishing natural ingredients and scented with pure essential oils.


The fatty acids in macadamia oil provide moisture to the hair and scalp and is also rich in magnesium, oleic acid, calcium, and antioxidants

Organic, Virgin Coconut Oil is deeply cleansing and promotes healthy scalp and hair growth

Neem has ancient healing properties that is soothing and balances oil production

Rosemary and Spearmint essential oils have beautiful aroma and can strengthen hair follicles as well as improve blood circulation


To use, rinse your hair thorougly and massage the shampoo bar on your scalp to generate lather. Massage well and rinse. Repeat if needed.


Store the shampoo bar in a dry space - a timber rack is ideal.

Macadamia Spearmint Shampoo

  • 110-115 gms

    Cold Pressed Australian Macadamia Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil,  Cold Pressed Neem Oil, Organic Virgin Shea Butter, Oat Milk,  Sodium Hydroxide, Pure Spearmint &  Rosemary Oils

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