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A Skin Care Hero, Macadamia Oil is a hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic oil.


Sourced locally, from Australian farmers, Macadamia Oil is exceptionally high in the rare Omega-7, that keep our skin strong and healthy. It helps to restore our skin's natural omega balance, protecting skin cells and supporting cellular health. It also contains high amounts of squalene and oleic acid that assist with cell regeneration. 


Additionally, Macadamia Oil contains potent phytosterols that provide skin protection and repair, as well as useful amounts of manganese, which is an antioxidant and essential mineral required for collagen production.


It is lightweight and a highly emollient oil, so sinks into skin and retains suppleness. 


Skin: Massage on skin as needed to moisturise.

Hair: To use as a leave-in treatment, massage a few drops on damp hair. For a deep conditioning treatment, massage generously on hair and scalp. Shampoo and condition as usual after an hour or overnight

Macadamia Oil with precious essential oil blend

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