The Eco Max Body Range is an eco-friendly range of body brushes that use natural unbleached and sustainable materials manufactured using fair trade principles. 

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The Brushes are Environmentally-Friendly, Vegan, Fair Trade, Biodegradable & Sustainable

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Eco Max Dry Body Brush (Medium Bristle) is handmade from natural sisal which is a form of cactus, a Medium strength vegetable fibre ideal for dry body brushing. The coconut string handle provides a good grip with sustainable timber and a cotton cord. Dry body brushing is a completely natural way to gently exfoliate, removing dead skin cells, while increasing circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system to help detoxification.

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Eco Max Back Brush with Cotton Cords (Medium Bristle) is handmade from natural sisal which is a form of cactus, an ideal Medium strength vegetable fibre for wet or dry use. The long flexible brush head will bend to the contours of your body giving easy reach over the whole of your back. This brush is much loved by men as the cotton cords allow the strength of scrub to be easily controlled. 

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The Foot Brush Eco Max Foot Brush is handmade from natural coconut fibre, an ideal hard strength vegetable fibre for wet or dry use. The timber is sustainable rubber wood from rubber trees at the end of their productive life and coconut fibre has a natural antibacterial which mean that it will not become smelly or mouldy.

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The Eco Max Palm Body Brush is a medium strength bristle made from natural sisal. It is shaped to use in the shower as a wash and scrub sponge. Combine with your favourite soap to increase lather for an all over body scrub.

Massage with gentle circular movements.  

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These brushes are perfect for dry or wet skin brushing.

Even a couple of minutes a day, a few times a week is fab for us: 

Opens pores and removes dry skin cells acting as a natural exfoliant.

Stimulates cell production giving skin a healthy glow.

Increases blood flow and stimulates the lymphatic system, helping the skin absorb nutrients.

Reduces Keratosis Pilaris (small bumps on our arms), making the skin feel smoother.

And it is a stress buster, helping rejuvenates the nervous system.

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Care of your brush: Shake out excess water and hang to dry. Don’t leave the timber handle continually damp or in water for prolonged periods.


Watch the video tutorial. 

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