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Create a little sanctuary in your home with these simple bath rituals.


Presented in a tin box, this Pamper Pack includes an Eco Max Body Brush, a Laurel Berry & Olive Oil Soap, a 500 ml bottle of Jojoba and a cotton towel. 


Enjoy the restorative benefits of dry skin brushing with this eco-friendly Body Brush made with Sisal fibre. Shower with our handmade Pure Laurel Berry & Olive Oil soap and then massage your skin with Golden Australian Jojoba. Wrap yourself in a soft, eco friendly cotton towel until you are ready to get dressed. 


Jojoba oil moisturises and balances skin and is an excellent soother for skin irritations. Jojoba boosts the health of our skin stimulating collagen synthesis, improving skin elasticity and speeding cell regeneration. 

Bath Rituals

  • Laurel Berry & Olive Oil Soap
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Laurel Berry Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide


    Australian Golden Jojoba 500 ml


    One Medium Body Brush


    One Cotton Towel

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